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Is Anti-Reflective Coating Worth It On Your Lenses?

Is Anti-Reflective Coating Worth It On Your Lenses?

An anti-reflection coating glass is a type of optical coating applied to visual elements and the lenses’ surfaces to reduce the reflection. In an imaging system, these anti-reflection coating glass allows improving the quality of images as they lessen the light and decrease the reflection.

Moreover, they provide maximum positive light to enter the lens to give the most transparent view possible. They are highly versatile and has an immense range of applications like camera lens elements, solar panels, and optical surfaces. Here we will discuss some AR coating pros and some drawbacks that we should know before the purchase.

Advantages of anti-reflective coating glasses

  • One of the significant benefits of these AR coating is the cosmetic perks. It will make your look better and increase your eyes’ visibility because you may have enhanced eye contact with people, which was difficult due to irritating reflection. So, they are ideal for public speaking people as they can make others and the speaker look more photogenic.
  • They provide you a sharper and clear vision and produce a natural and brilliant clear natural look which is unable to have with the uncoated lens.
  • The AR coating is highly durable and has more lifespan than a regular lens. Moreover, they have expectational resistance to scratches and also prevent you from resisting dirt and water.
  • This high-tech coating enables you to reduce eye fatigue at work. They are especially suitable for people who work for hours on the computer and cause eye strains. If you add these to your lens, they will protect your eyes from glare, which causes less eye strain.
  • Another significant benefit is that you can now watch television, play computer games, and video games without fatigue. They will help you eliminate the light, which causes the eyes to become tired.
  • Lastly, this coating improves night vision and helps people to enjoy the same view they want in the daytime.

Drawbacks of anti-reflective coating glass

Here is some disadvantage of anti-reflective coating despite these numerous benefits.

  • Sometimes, they may look dirty because of the lens’s clearness, and there are more noticeable as there isn’t any glare to hide dirt.
  • It requires frequent cleaning.
  • These coatings are not suitable for reading glasses.


Despite multiple benefits, there are some precautions that you should consider before having them. First, these coatings are applied to the outside of the lens to prevent scratches, peel, and wear. Also, it is recommended to clean your lenses with something don’t clean them dry as to avoid grinding any harmful particles into your lens.

Further, these lens coating can be affected by extreme temperature such as very hot and too cold. So, avoid going near these temperatures while wearing them. Also, it would help if you stored them in a protective case to prevent any mishappening.

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