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the best range of Collimated Filament Light source!

Nano-Optic Technology offers an extensive range of high-power collimated filament light with a wavelength extending from DUV to NIR for OEM applications, microscopy, and machine vision.

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Nano-Optic Technology is also a leading supplier of advanced optical solutions for medical and environmental. The collimated output from a collimated filament light is designed to help users produce input by themselves in the optical system. The optical system includes various elements such as lenses, mirrors, filters, dichroic and other optics. Moreover, they rely on the input of the light to be collimated to function.

A typical example of this is a standard research microscope, which usually allows the collimation of input to its transmission light port or epi-fluorescence. Moreover, Nano-Optic offers light, which has a high-NA aspherical imbalance lens for a more accurate collimation. We have a wide selection of wavelengths starting from 255nm to 980nm. Even these multiple wavelengths can be combined into a single output and provides a high light throughput.

Advantages of using our product:

Our product is highly advanced and has the best company with semiconductors, displays, processing, aerospace, and decorative application. Make the perfect choice for yourself by choosing our service. Here are our broad portfolio of wavelengths:

  • We generate collimated filament light with the narrowest divergent angle.
  • Can be used in vibration-sensitive application such as direct mounting on research microscope, due to passive cooling
  • It provides higher output power and a cooling fan for heat management
  • It has higher raw optical power, such as building a high-power multi-wavelength light guide-coupled LED light source
  • You can use them in the residential, commercial, and optical inspection fields

We are the leading suppliers of Collimated Filament Light. We also have experts that are there for your services and guide you and provide you what is best for you. We value our customer’s needs and requirements and help customers develop new optical products. Moreover, our innovative advanced range of products will make your work much more manageable and simple. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get the best offer for yourself!

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