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Anti-Reflection Coating Glass

Anti-Reflection Coating Glass



Make your vision sharper and clear by using an anti-reflection coating!

Nowadays, anti-reflection coating glass is popular to reduce the amount of glare that reflects your lens. Before the anti-reflection coating glass purchase, you need to know some facts about the anti-reflective coating. Here we are to guide you to the right path and provide you a high-quality anti-reflection coating glass than any other.

Anti-reflective coating is also known as AR or non-glare coating, which is applied on the lens surface to allow more light through to your eyes. We offer a high-quality anti-coating that gives you sharper and clearer vision, which results in less need to strain and focus. It enables you to see the objects in which you face difficulty to see.

Benefits of using anti-reflection coating glass

The anti-reflective coating provides multiple benefits such as

Improved night vision The anti-reflective coating glass helps the driver drive as it eliminates the reflection of headlights and streetlights on your lenses. As a result, the driver can drive a car quickly and safely. It enables them to see the huddles and rough surface more quickly, especially during night-times.

  • For Your Appearance

It eliminates the reflections and improves the range of clarity of your lens. By having our anti-reflection coating glass, you can enjoy direct eye contact, distorted due to distracting reflection!

  1. Reduced glare from computers

Working on laptops and computers have a significant impact on the eyes and can quickly cause eye fatigue. Having our Anti-glare coating, you will protect your eyes while working and reduce the glare. As a result, it will reduce strain on the eye.

Increased Durability

Our anti-reflective coating offers high durability, greater scratch resistance, and excellent resistance to water and dirt. It will make you look fantastic and will prevent annoying and disturbing reflections.

We promise you our anti-reflective coating, and you will have a wonderful experience with a much clear, natural, and sharper vision with brilliance!

Moreover, we have a wide range of anti-reflective coating used for all types of lens designs, including:

  • High-index lenses
  • Varifocal lenses.
  • Photochromic lens.
  • Polycarbonate lens.
  • Polarized lense.

Please don’t hesitate! We have the best advisers to provide you all the additional information to help you select the perfect option for your lens in your budget.

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