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Beam Splitter Filter

Beam Splitter Filter



Nano-Optic a go-to place for the best beam splitter filter!

A beam splitter split incident light into two or more beams by different polarization processing, wavelength, and intensity. These beam splitter filters split the unpolarized light at a particular transmission ratio and reflection. So, if you want to make your process more smooth, then choose us. We offer high-quality beam spilter with filters so that you can adapt a light beam.

Further, if you want to split a light beam into segments of different wavelength ranges, attach a filter with your shaft. Our products will allow you to make pairs with a signal light beam. It will also help you suppress specific light components, add extra information to light paths, separate excitation, and detect waves.

Get the best beam splitter filter from us!

Nano-optic allows optical elements to be covered directly with a dielectric beam splitter filter. It is a cost-effective way of using additional components to obtain high-quality results. Further, you can also associate the Coating with antireflection. We have experts who have an accurate understanding of the unique requirements of polymers in the coating process.

Additionally, our resources are coated at low temperatures and have flexible plasma density. Also, regularly undergoes spectral measurements and climate testing.

Benefits and field application of our product

  • It has precise plasma ion-assisted coating processes (APS plasma IAD)
  • It has a Robust Coating at low temperatures with adjusted plasma density
  • Effective and high-quality Filter and beam splitter filter, which are integrated into the system
  • They are flexible and easily combined with antireflection coatings.
  • Series climate testing for quality assurance

Further, beam splitters can be used in defense industries for coating polymers, automotive sectors, and parking detection systems. It can be used as a sensor system for smart glasses and distance measuring.

Two types of beam splitters

We have a multitude of innovative solutions and services that are required for your everyday purposes. Beam splitters are categorized into cube and plate. Here are some advantages that will help you to get a perfect beam split filter.

Pros and cons of Cube Beam splitters

  • It has easy Integration with 0° AOI
  • No Beam Shift
  • Equal Reflected and Transmitted Optical Path Lengths
  • Shorten the Optical Path of a System
  • Heavy, Solid Glass Construction
  • Brutal and more Expensive to Make in Large Sizes

Pros and cons of Plate Beam splitters

  • They are lightweight
  • Relatively inexpensive than others
  • Easy to manufacture in bigger sizes
  • Reflected and transmitted optical paths are of different lengths
  • The 45° AOI may Require Additional Alignment Time
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