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Color filter

Color filter



Make it easy to Produce High-Quality Color Images!

Nano-Optic Technology offers the best quality RGB color filters. We have RGB Color Filter modules design with high-resolution monochrome of QImaging’s line, which will help you capture high-quality color images.

Generally, RGB color filters produce a vivid image and have a low transmittance. It is more superficial and less sensitive, but the camera’s image processing engine’s overall performance plays an important role.

Our RGB color filters have color S/N and sound color reproduction. The primary color filters convert data into RGB space data by allowing the same colors as the RGB filter to pass through and generate photography.

As the eye is sensitive to green color, this filter produces twice the red and blue color component than green and creates a sharper image. We offer simple and well suitable RGB color filters that apply to machine vision applications.

Benefits of choosing RGB filters

  • High-quality color images with high-resolution.
  • Suitable for monochrome CCD cameras.
  • Filter color changes with no moving parts.
  • No vibration.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • QImaging cameras control them.
  • It creates a full-resolution image in each color plane.
  • Integrated filtering of infrared light provides.
  • Better color fidelity.
  • It enables a quick switch between full-color.
  • Imaging and high-sensitivity monochrome.
  • Imaging without refocusing.
  • High sensitivity and speed
  • No optical-registration problems.

Product Features:

  • Liquid-crystal filter element.
  • Single-cable connection to Qimaging cameras.
  • Sequential acquisition of color.
  • Provides color even when the camera is in binning modes.
  • Hot-mirror filter.
  • The filter element easily slides out of the optical path.

Moreover, there is multiple application of using our RGB optical filter, including bright field and fluorescence microscopy, pathology, cytology and histology, FISH, DNA analysis, forensic analysis, metallurgical microscopy, and many more.

Further, we offer two filter formats of RGB color filters, including a slider and non-slider module. A slider allows switching between monochrome image and colors, and a non-slider can easily remove monochromatic imaging and are compact.

We promise to provide you a higher quality and Cost-Effective product!

Additionally, we also have experts for your services to guide you and provide you what is best for you. Our optical products are created according to our customer requirement and needs. So, order the RGB color filter from us at a reasonable price right now!

Please visit Nano-Optic for any additional queries, and we are here for your services!

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