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Customer coating design

Customer coating design



Raise The Bar OF Your Projects With Customized Coating Design Supply

Coating design is used on a high-end commercial project or any industrial building. With the help of a beautiful and elegant design coating, you can add power and statement to the structure.

Durable and rugged customized coating design supply ensures that bright and clean colors look great every time. They protect the color pigments from getting degraded due to outdoor exposure. In various cases, coatings play an imperative role in improving surface properties like adhesion, appearance, and wear and scratch resistance.

What Makes Us Superior Over other Customized Coating Design Manufacturers?

The Nano-optic technology co, LTD specializes in the application of a plethora of functional coatings for aerospace, defense, medical, and other commercial electronics industries. The use of conductive and conformal coatings provide a win-win solution for environmental protection. By focusing on our core expertise for years, we have gained a lot of knowledge to solve the most challenging coating issues.

Our mission

Our ultimate goal is to meet the demands of customers for timely delivery and functional customized coating design supply by becoming a seamless extension to their manufacturing operations. We always ensure to provide unparalleled technical support at a price point that goes along with the overall product goals.

Colors And Applications Of Coatings

Resin – It serves as a binder and plays a crucial role in holding the pigment to the substrate.

Pigment – This provides color and hides the chemical resistance.

Solvent – This way solids are transported to the surface of the substrate.

Additives – Chemicals in small amounts can deliver splendid coating effects.

The coating is exceedingly useful for a multitude of applications, from office furniture and lighting fixtures to transportation.

Our Company’s Coating Designs Types

Conformal coatings – They are made with dielectric materials to be printed in circuit boards and other electronic substrates for the protection of environmental substances like fungus, moisture, and corrosion. They minimize the growth and migration of metal in between conductors. These coatings work hard to extend the life of electronic devices that are used in excessively extreme conditions.

Conductive coatings – They are most commonly used for electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, mainly in plastic enclosures. These coatings are particularly used for EMI/RFI emissions for generating the electronics in your device and protecting the device from various EMI/RFI interference.

Dielectric coatings – It is a non-conductive coating like insulating. The characteristics of this type of coating include excellent resistance, insulation against electricity, remarkable resistance to high temperatures, and they are unaffected by solvents and oils.

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