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IR Absorbtion filter

IR Absorbtion filter



Buy a high-quality Transmittance IR Absorbtion Filter From Us!

Nano-optics is a well-known manufacturer with a great range of advanced optical solutions. We provide high-quality online IR absorbtion filters at competitive prices. In brightfield and fluorescence microscopy, the absorbtion filters are most commonly used, manufactured from pigmented gelatin resin and dyed glasses. 

Moreover, these filters function by attenuation of light through absorption of a particular wavelength. As a result, spectral performance is produced through the dye in the glass and the filter’s physical thickness. This process shows how absorbtion filters focus on a specific wavelength while blocking others. 

Importance of using IR absorbtion filter

Nowadays, IR absorbtion filters are extensively used types of filters. They are generally used to isolate a broad band of wavelengths by transmitting longer wavelengths and blocking the shorter ones. They are obtained from both natural and synthetic sources and are commonly available in the form like:

  • Glass.
  • Plastic-coated glass.
  • Acetate.
  • Gelatin bases are coated, mixed, or impregnated with organic and inorganic dyes.

Further, there is unusual earth in colloidal dyes, transition elements, and other molecules among all the glasses and polymer filters, which generates sharp aborbtion transitions. 

Why choose us!

We offer 800EXL high-grade glass with is processed with precision and is useful for high IR absorbing filters. You can use them in the lens-interchange type cameras, including surveillance cameras, smartphones, and video cameras. 

Our product is cost-effective and stable under a vast variety of climates and operating conditions. Further, our filters material are created with light-absorbing chemical species, which make us unique from others.

Product Features

  • IR absorbtion filter has remarkable surface quality after the weather-resistance test.
  • It has a High and standard rate of cleanliness as an optical filter.
  • It has a High-quality coating design, which leads to shorter lead time. 
  • It has Low Light Reflectivity Absorbability (IR/Radiation).
  • It has High Transmittance (Visible Light/UV) Shape.
  • It has a plate-like shape. 

Uses and application of absorbing filters

  • Beneficial in automobiles.
  • It is used in communication terminals. 
  • It is used for medical care.

We are here with our innovative advanced range of products, ensuring your satisfaction and making your work much more manageable. Go and get the best offer for yourself by choosing Nano-optic for your optical solutions!

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