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UV-IR Cut Filter

UV-IR Cut Filter



Get cost-effective high transmission UV/IR filters!

The UV/IR coating filters optimize the wavelength for different sensors and ensures the best suitable filter for every application. Also, they come with an ultra-low reflection coating and are perfect for color cameras with AR protect windows.

Get higher quality UV/IR coating filters!

We provide high-quality UV/IR coating filters at a reasonable cost, resulting in sharper images. Moreover, you can use them when working in solar lights to protect you from the damaging effects of infrared radiation.

The IR lights are undetectable from the naked eye, so people generally use a telescope to focus infrared light. However, if you add UV/IR coating filters to your camera, it will make your experience to another level!

Infrared lights are blurry as a silicon sensor is sensitive to light in the spectrum’s IR portion. So, that means the infrared layer’s addition degrades your nice, sharp visual and light image. But by the use of UV/IR coating filters, you can quickly solve this problem.

Application of UV/IR filters

Moreover, you can use them in videos and digital cameras, which don’t contain an image sensor’s infrared protection filters. Our filter is beneficial for various applications. Its unfiltered CCD and CMOS sensors, which are vulnerable to IR and UV rays, negatively impacting your image quality. Here are some applications of using our high-quality UV/IR coating filters.

  • Machine vision system
  • Inspection systems
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Viewer

Product features 

  • It will provide you a higher transmission
  • Low reflection of lights
  • It offers cost-effective protection of sensible units.
  • It also offers high reproducibility

Benefits of using UV/IR coating

  • The filter offers even greater versatility due to its front and rear threads
  • It decreases atmospheric haze effects to a more considerable degree than would be found with a standard UV filter
  • It enables to transmit only those light rays that fall within the visible spectrum of light.
  • It has a rigid aluminum filter and a low-profile ring that helps maintain the standard filter to produce a great combination of effects.
  • The filter can create greater accuracy of color in digital images than traditional IR filters.
  • Enhance your photograph with sharper, more depth and more refined, and richer color gradations.

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